Umbrella Stand Urban Pit no key

 Product model 287

Light weight umbrella stand

  • Recommended places of use: Offices, restaurants, stores, banks, and public facilities.
  • Easy assembled by customers.
  • Sizes for: 24 or 36 units.
  • Material quality: Chutes and trays: Polypropylene (100% recycled polypropylene) Frame pipe: Steel pipe coated with Chrome Side wall: Polypropylene

Colors: Grey, orange & blue.three colors urban pit



Options: Printed frontal panel

Ecologically friendly

Recycled material compliant product

No vinyl chloride used



Capacity                Reference          Measures:     W   x    D     x      H                         Weight

24 Units.                 UB-287-024-0                         500 x  496   x   362 mm                   4,5 kgs.

36 Units.                 UB-287-036-0                         710 x  496   x   362 mm                   5,6 kgs.