Umbrella Stand Card Lock II

 Product model 270

  • 2 sizes 36 & 48 units.
  • Card lock stand. Easy to lock and unlock.
  • 3 Master keys and 3 spare card keys will be delivered for each unit of umbrella stand.
  • Steel coated & baked with acrylic paint.
  • This product is completed by customers
  • Big wheels
  • Easy assembled trays to collect water.

Two types:

  • (UB-270-036-0) 36 Units.

Measures: 1027 x 1335 x 508 mm. Approx. weight: 23,4 kgs.

Dimensiones Card lock II 36 sin panel







Meassures with panel: h 1335 mm

meassures for 36 units






  • (UB 270-048-0) 48 Units. 

meassures for 48 unitsMeasures: 1354 x 1335 x 508 mm. Approx. weight: 27,2 kgs.





Meassures with panel: h 1335 mm

Dimensiones Card lock II 48 sin panel



  • Sign panel (UB-270-200-0)

how to use panel card lock II with panel




  • Spare Card Kit Making Tool(UB-270-210-0)

Spare Card Kit Making Tool

  • Spare Card Kit (UB-270-220-0)

Spare card kit

  • Extra panel: placas front, side, and back.


  • Stainless steel.
  • Printed Front panel: Full color.
Acabados y placa frontal impresa Card Lock II

Front panel options



Individual instructions in each unit

individual instructions