Carsae: market lider products

Carsae import  and advice companies to select the prime systems and products for museum and public places.

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Market lider products for museums and public places

Carsae select and import  market lider products all over the world. We chose prime quality portfolio products for our clients.

Customized service

Carsae go with their clients in each project: drill down specifications to select the optimal system.

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Get in touch. Send us a message, we were pleased to know about  your projects and help you to ensure success.

The most important museums and organizations trust in our brands and service

  • Gugenheim museum, Bilbao (Spain)
  • Fine Arts Museum, Sevilla (Spain)
  • Teatro-Auditori Sant Cugat (Spain)
  • Congreso de los Diputados, Madrid (Spain)
  • Albertina Museum, Viena (Austria)
  • Naturhistoriches Museum, Viena (Austria)
  • Desing Museum Gent, Gent (Belgium)
  • Restaurante Grupo Luigia, Geneva (Switzerland)

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